Beginners' Guide to: Power Plate Exercises

The idea behind the Power Plate machine is that exercises performed on the vibrating platform will be extra-effective as the vibrations activate reflexive contractions in the muscles.

Power Plate exercises are low impact, which means they’re easy on the joints and don’t require high levels of aerobic fitness.

The first time you use this machine you should ask a gym instructor to demonstrate how to activate the platform (it’s really very simple, but as machine controls vary we won’t go into that here).

Ready to step up to the plate? Try these simple, but deceptively effective, exercises for accelerated muscle tone and calorie burn.

(Click the titles to view each of the exercises.)

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Exercises supplied by Philip Nourse

Philip is a Master Trainer for Power Plate UK and manages all aspects of training and education relating to the elite sport and medical sectors. Phil holds a First Class honours degree in Sport and Exercise science from Loughborough University and has over 13 years experience in the health, fitness and professional sports industry. He is also a widely published author and consultant in the fields of exercise and athletic conditioning.


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