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Top tips for gym newbies

By Matt Wolstenholme

As a personal trainer I realise how daunting it can be for a gym newbie. Here are my top tips to get the most out of your membership.

1) Book an induction. You wouldn’t walk into a factory and start messing about with the equipment without any training right? Be open to learning new things.

2) Don't be afraid to ask. If you don't know how to use a piece of equipment or are unsure about an exercise, ask a member of gym staff. It's what they're there for.

Do as I say not as I do

By James Simpson


Do as I say not as I do


The worst thing about those of us that love getting to the gym is when we manage to get ill or injured. I’ve managed to do both in the last couple of weeks although thankfully not too seriously.

To Endure

By James Simpson

Endurance TestEndurance Test

‘A good soldier is not defined by how well he fights but how much he can endure.’ I can’t actually remember where I read that but it stuck in my mind.


Foot Like a Glove

By James Simpson

VibramsVibramsYou may have read Julia’s blog on minimalist running through the Vibram clinics that took place across London a couple of months ago.


World record!

By Matt Wolstenholme

Since my last blog I am hugely proud to say I have become a freestyle football world record holder!

I established the benchmark for ‘longest distance juggling a football’ by keeping the ball in the air without using my hands for 20 kilometres – 50 laps around the athletics track at London’s Harrow School.

Run to Work

By James Simpson

run run runrun run runSo I’ve done the bike to work thing for six years now and loved it, check out my previous blog about this here, but how about running to work?


I’ve recently started a new job in Victoria, just across the road from where I first started work in London town six years past. Back then it took me a good couple of months to transfer from the tube to the bike. Now I am thinking it’s not far enough to cycle from my place in Clapham.

Does a swim cap make me faster?

By Ryding2Health

Swim caps: do they make you faster?Swim caps: do they make you faster?

I had a bad morning today. I rode into 2 fences on the way to the pool. I also forgot my swim cap. I have NEVER done this before, and I must confess had a mini crisis when I realised. I NEVER swim without it, how on earth was I going to cope?!?!

The fastest movement in Olympic sport

By James Simpson

STaking the strainTaking the straino that is it. The Olympics came and went in what now seems like a blur. I along with billions if not millions of fans loved every minute of it and don’t quite know what to do with myself now. So how about trying one of the weird and wonderful sports that make the Greatest Show on Earth exactly that?



To Be Continued...

By Julia B

The Vibram FiveFingers London clinics are over for now, but there is a national tour of the UK in the pipeline. I'll keep you posted on that -as soon as I hear more I'll let you know.


Finidng my Feet in FiveFingers

By Julia B

Years of keeping feet confined in shoes can lead our proprioception of that part of the body to diminish. That is, we lose our sense of how the foot, especially the toes, move. Plus the small muscles in our feet which help keep us stable can get lazy and underdeveloped.

I've certainly found that after wearing my Vibram FiveFingers for a few hours my feet will feel a bit stiff and tired the next day. It's good to know they are getting stronger though. I'm also noticing I'm become more aware of the way my feet land as I run.