Kettlercise 2: Turning up the Heat

Fitness DVD review: Kettlercise 2: Turning up the Heat

What the makers say

Kettlercise 2: Turning up the Heat is an effective fat burning and body sculpting workout DVD which will achieve results where other workout programmes have failed.

Based on scientific and physiological knowledge, the programme aims to achieve optimum results within as little as 20 minutes a day.

The workout has been designed with the ‘BSM theory’ at its core. Standing for ‘blood shunting method’, this means that the workout programme causes blood to travel as far as possible around the body for the duration of the workout. This in turn means that the heart is working harder, and therefore the cardiovascular benefits are greater.

The Kettlercise 2 workout DVD takes individuals through a varied exercise routine which works every major muscle group, specifically targeting key areas including upper arms, abs, buttocks and thighs. The size of the kettlebell used can be adjusted depending on the individual, and therefore the workout can be adapted for all ability and fitness levels.


What we thought:

Kettlercise 2 will get your heart pumping and increase your circulation during the workout and should burn a lot of calories.

We liked the introductory section, which featured a clear step-by-step guide to each of the exercises in the routine. This aspect makes the DVD very beginner-friendly.

Other nice features include the separate 22 minute ‘express programme’ for when time is tight, the 8 minute ‘ab blast’ section which is a great core workout, and the workout scheduling guide for all ability levels.

The presenter, Guy, has a friendly tone and offers plenty of tips throughout the programme to make sure you are doing the exercises with correct form.

Things we felt let the DVD down a little were the rather repetitive and monotonous music soundtrack and the lack of sync between the presenter and the girls in the background who were working out along, but out of time, with him.


We tried out the workout using a Kettlercise Kettlebell, which we absolutely love!

The Kettlercise Kettlebell is a well-designed, high quality piece of equipment and we found no faults with it at all. We especially liked the large, smooth handle, made to be held with two hands.  The orange neoprene coating is another nice touch, it makes the kettlebell look really funky as well as protecting floors.


The DVD, Kettlercise 2: Turning up the Heat (RRP: £24.99) is available now along with Kettlercise kettlebells, ranging in weight from 2kg up to 12kg (RRP between £14.99 and £37.99) are available now from Amazon or


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