Ztrainer Review

Ztrainer is a new, British-made, suspension training device. We put it to the test.

What the makers say:

We developed the Ztrainer to fulfil a need for a great quality and affordable suspension fitness trainer that looks sexy and stylish yet is strong and sturdy.

The Ztrainer is manufactured in the UK using climbing grade Sigma 3 rated aluminium Karabiners and polyester webbing that has a breaking strain of 1000 kilograms.

This makes it one of the strongest yet lightest suspension fitness trainers on the market.


What we say:

We really like this piece of kit. It compares well to similar suspension training devices, like TRX, and is competitively priced at £87. The quality is great and the Ztrainer is very easy to set up and adjust.

What we like best about the Ztrainer is the independent handles, which allow two people to work using one unit. Plus this is great for single arm work, making it safer and easier to transition to compared to other devices. The large, comfortable handles are another nice feature.

The Ztrainer is simple to use and very sturdy – which is important because you need to trust a piece of equipment that you’re going to use to suspend yourself with!

Weighing it at just 800g it is light enough to travel with and we can see it being a hit with both fitness professionals and home users.

Along with the suspension trainer the basic pack includes a carry bag, exercise manual and access to the Ztrainer club, an online community for users to exchange exercise ideas, get hints and tips and maybe find a local training partner.

Other accessories are available including the stainless steel Zplate wall/ceiling anchor at £17.99; door anchor available at £15.99; additional strap attachments £9.99 or Velcro attachments at £14.99 – an alternative way to attach the Ztrainer to trees, beams etc.

The Ztrainter Suspension Fitness Trainer is now available from www.ztrainer.co.uk at £87, you can also find the Ztrainer and Amazon.co.uk.




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